Begur, our nylon string guitar series is an heir of standard classical repertory. The cultural nutrition and beautiful scenery in the small old town of Begur make a great wonder and give the inspiration of naming our Begur guitar series.

In the heart of Catalan county Empordà, between picturesque hills and coastline washed by the Mediterranean Sea, the town of Begur stands as an small medieval town with living culture. Every September, Begur transforms itself to celebrate Fira d'Indians, a festival full of leisure and cultural activities that attracts tenfold its population to the spot. This is where classic is preserved and new culture emerges.

Begur guitars are constructed with selected prime woods like Spruce, Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood and Basswood. With experienced craftsmanship and careful adjusments, our fine instruments produce a sweet and clean sound: the tone is warm and rich; the harmony, captivating! Apart from full-scale nylon guitars, Begur also offers 3/4 ones that are perfect for younger learners or smaller advanced players, as well as for the convenience to travel with; in fact, Begur guitars are so delicately designed that you can carry them everywhere. Different finish styles of Begur guitars are also available to beautify your life.

While you have a siesta, a coffee break, or when you take a walk in a park where gypsy dancers wander… remember to take a Begur guitar with you!