Cataluña Story

Cataluña has long been where music and arts are cultivated actively. Its life-style, beach resorts, mild climate, scenery views and ongoing parties have associated people with folk songs, popular music/ dance, and a mixed culture of Mediterranean style. This is the place that makes your imagination soar!

Cataluña also has its legacy for music, notably the development of contemporary string instruments. It is where guitar virtuoso Fernando Sor was born and where his successors Francisco Tárrega and Miguel Llobet expanded the technical possibilities of guitar. Cataluña Guitars inherit the spirits of the origination and continue to provide people with fine instruments. Our mission is to manufacture modern instruments with uncompromising quality.

With fine craftsmanship, Cataluña Guitars satisfy music lovers with quality sound, and yet at an affordable price. Our high-performance instruments are designed to meet your demands. From folk to classic, Cataluña Guitars are being used to play a variety of music and highly rated in many different occasions.

Our insistency on quality never changes, just as Cataluña's legendary music continues for hundreds of years!